Weekend of Wins!

Fan Footage!!


This past week has been moving in fast forward! So here are the highlights:
The LSU pre-game show was a score for the home team. Fans were high in spirits, the band was feeling loose and juiced! I have to tell you, everyone really dug in during rehearsals to keep the songs fueled with life! We were all quite pleased at what resulted 😀

After tearing down our gear, we had to sloth our way through the droves of ecstatic LSU fans and Tiger Band!! We made it out with patience to spare. Clif st. Laurent was accompanied by Cafe au Lait for happy 50th birthday bash!

This week has been so full of great news!
-This weekend we’ll be slippin’ into the studio to record two fresh singles for Michael Liuzza: “Tokyo” (a hauntingly seductive slow jam) & “Hey Yo!” ( an upbeat dancer’s heart throb).

-Following that, we’ll be playing a show with Mike out in Houma, LA (see photo below).

Sybil Shanelll‘s first Cafe au Lait compilation is in preparation to lay it down in the studio. We are scheduled to capture the groove love the last weekend of this month (Sept.)

Many thanks to LSU Athletic department, Terrance Bold, Kieth and Brenda Charles, the dizzying organ antics of Ross Hoppe, all of the amazing vocal performers – Mikie Liuzza, Christien Bold, Sybil Shanell, Clif St. Laurent, and Emanon (Tony, Tina, & Devin).

Peace an soul!
Cafe au Lait


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