Celebration For Liberation

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    http://www.eventbrite.com/e/back-to-soul-an-evening-with-speakeasy-and-cafe-au-lait-tickets-10175046839Back to Soul is a celebration of liberation through musicality… an evening of Blues, R&B, Jazz, and Soul inspired by the joys and sorrows we all share in life. The event will feature local bands SpeakEasy and Cafe Au Laitperforming some original tunes, and collaborating for the first time to create a unique, one-time musical experience for our listeners. Luke St. John will be our Emcee for the evening, working with the artists to keep the entertainment flowing before and after sets.A portion of the profits earned at this event will go to benefit the local organization, Abundant Living, who’s objective is congruent with our mission to give back to the community as artists, in a shared effort to improve the quality of life in Baton Rouge

    Band Bio’s-

    SpeakEasy: At a time when repression was rampant the Speakeasies gave way to freedom and self-expression through music and dance. We are the embodiment of that spirit. We are SpeakEasy. Influenced by the culture and the community we create feel-good music to bring all people together.
    Join us and experience SpeakEasy music, spread good vibes, and celebrate fun times.

    “Cafe Au Lait is a New Orleans based trio that writes, records, and performs original works with talented vocalist while striving to preserve the rich jazz, blues, and afro-cuban traditions of the port city while honoring our love of Motown, rock and roll, and relentless funk.”

    Among the premiere up and comers from the Southern scene, Luke St. John is one of few who showcases genuine thought provoking content through the genre of hip hop. Harnessing an alchemical blend of etheric wordplay and folk-like storytelling, Luke St. John provides an enriching experience for his listening audience illustrating life experiences as well as universal truths that are relative to all.

174 South Blvd., Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802



Wings and Martinis

You can’t party all day unless you start in the morning! So get your pre-game party going with us at Bufffalo Wild Wings LSU from 11a-2p in Baton Rouge.

Wild wings fb promo





Then skip on down the road to Frenchmen Street in New Orleans to catch us doin’ it to death at Vaso Ultra Lounge!

Vaso 11_23_2013 Flyer







Stay funky my friends!

Halloween Show

"Fink Me I'm A Zombie"

“Funk Me I’m A Zombie”

Happy October all of you stanky gouls and funky kittens!

Cafe Au Lait will be taking the stage this Halloween night for an entire night of the stickiest, stankiest, down right intergalact-a-funktilating music with Captain Green!!


Please check out their music at www.CaptainGreenMusic.com

For this show, we will be featuring Sybil Shanell, and a special Halloween MJ tribute super jam with Ross, bob ‘Baby Bear’ Kling, and The Captain Green Horns fronted by Clif St. Laurent & Christien Bold.

For those that have found posters and flyers around town (or you can print one out…), we will give you 10% off Merchandise If you bring it colored to the show!


Keeping the Funk,



Let Yo SOUL Glow!!!

May the groove keep your happiness on the move!

2 Great Shows this weekend!

Come break the monotony and shake off the mondays with the Cafe Au Lait Funk Review! We are showcasing the entire Cafe au Lait family via the Howlin’ Wolf’s Den. There is no cover so don’t make any excuses to miss it!! We’ll have a special Cafe Au Lait treat for you to keep ya funky fresh! (It’s almost halloween ya know!)

One Love,







Weekend of Wins!

Fan Footage!!


This past week has been moving in fast forward! So here are the highlights:
The LSU pre-game show was a score for the home team. Fans were high in spirits, the band was feeling loose and juiced! I have to tell you, everyone really dug in during rehearsals to keep the songs fueled with life! We were all quite pleased at what resulted 😀

After tearing down our gear, we had to sloth our way through the droves of ecstatic LSU fans and Tiger Band!! We made it out with patience to spare. Clif st. Laurent was accompanied by Cafe au Lait for happy 50th birthday bash!

This week has been so full of great news!
-This weekend we’ll be slippin’ into the studio to record two fresh singles for Michael Liuzza: “Tokyo” (a hauntingly seductive slow jam) & “Hey Yo!” ( an upbeat dancer’s heart throb).

-Following that, we’ll be playing a show with Mike out in Houma, LA (see photo below).

Sybil Shanelll‘s first Cafe au Lait compilation is in preparation to lay it down in the studio. We are scheduled to capture the groove love the last weekend of this month (Sept.)

Many thanks to LSU Athletic department, Terrance Bold, Kieth and Brenda Charles, the dizzying organ antics of Ross Hoppe, all of the amazing vocal performers – Mikie Liuzza, Christien Bold, Sybil Shanell, Clif St. Laurent, and Emanon (Tony, Tina, & Devin).

Peace an soul!
Cafe au Lait