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Funk Music Revival - Art, Music, Food

Since we were all planning on getting groovy together this weekend, why not have a big ass party and keep the funk alive?

The Library At Northgate is allowing us to use their facilities so we can have an all-day, outdoor concert the Saturday of the Campout (April 5th). Big thanks to those guys for helping out with such short notice.

The concert will take place outside The Library on Chimes St. from 2-11pm. We’ll have tables outside along the brick wall where artists can display their work, a food truck so y’all can grub down without going anywhere, drinks inside at the bar, and the main attraction- a killer selection of bands from the Campout line-up. This is an outside ordeal, so enter through the gate, not through the bar!

The AMAZING musicians involved are:
Onion Loaf
Cafe Au Lait
Captain Green
(and more!)

This is beyond happening. All we need is you to show up and help keep the spirit of the Campout Alive.

*There will be a small cover at the door. Still waiting on the last band to confirm before we announce anything solid, but it will be less than $10.
*This event is happening rain or shine! We’ve got tents prepared for the equipment if necessary, and the artists are welcome to set up inside or under the patio in case of rain.

(as always, hoopers welcome!)

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